You Are Everywhere

Tapas Meditation Instructions: You Are Everywhere

1. Take a walk for as long as it pleases you. Longer is better but harder - there’s more to notice.

2. Stay quiet. Do not be distracted by talking. In fact, do not talk at all.

3. Engage all your senses, intently seeing listening smelling feeling everything, all at the same time. Do not miss anything.

4. And then notice that everything is imbued with Consciousness. Keep noticing that.

5. When you find your mind stray into planning imagining remembering, take a breath and begin again, again noticing: Consciousness is everywhere.

6. Keep doing that.

Good luck.
Note: Doing this meditation while walking is suggested, but it can be done anywhere and at any time. You may choose to do it while sitting in quiet stillness or while practicing asana. Do it often and notice what happens.

©Betsy Ceva
March 9, 2016

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