What is Restorative Yoga?

Restorative Yoga is an intuitive, meditative, profoundly healing practice that utilizes a variety of props to support the body in deeply comfortable and relaxing ways. It is a simple, slow practice accessible to all ages and abilities, and can be modified to accommodate most body types or special needs.

Restorative Yoga provides a potent form of recovery and rejuvenation for all the systems of body. When the body is fully supported and relaxed it will naturally let go. This calming and nurturing effect quiets, renews, and energizes the mind and body. Restorative Yoga helps us to experience physical ease and the ability to be present, resting in the state of inner watchfulness.

Restorative Yoga’s simple breathing practices harmonize upward flowing life force (prana) with downward flowing life force (apana), creating balance in the energy body. Slow, intentional breathing also leads to withdrawal of our attention from the outside world to the inner experience, activating the parasympathetic nervous system and inducing the relaxation response. Deep, controlled breathing while in different passive postures massages the internal organs and increases flow of blood and lymph. Body and mind gradually enter into a reflective, timeless state of healing quietude.

Time to observe our thoughts and emotions, to watch physical resistance or feel release, to observe the flow of energy are all evoked by the stillness and non-doing nature of Restorative Yoga. Restorative Yoga is a helpful, useful, and beautiful yogic tool that we can use in this investigation into our being-ness. By quieting incessant thinking, relaxing the body and giving way to silence we awaken awareness of I Am, realizing “I Am the unchanging Self. I Am the Spirit within”. This is the enduring gift of Restorative Yoga.

Om Shantih
Betsy Ceva

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