Thank You, or What I learned at Yoga Camp

There’s always one. One time it was the curly-haired woman. She was always coming in late and making a commotion, needing more space, the door open, the door closed. Another time it was the sneezing, sniffling woman who seemed to want her mat next to mine wherever I moved in the room. How could I meditate with that going on? I always spot them in the registration line or at the orientation meeting. She’s gonna be trouble for me. I just know it.

This time, same thing. I see her across the room, the smiling woman. Really big smile, big teeth, pretty (really), so smiley. What’s her problem? Why is she so happy? I pray she’s not in my program.

Well, she’s not in my program, but I see her a lot, walking the paths, always smiling, never not.

She gets me thinking.

You know Betsy, you should smile more. Really. First of all it trains your face up instead of down…this is good. Second, smiling makes you feel lighter and people smile back. It’s an icebreaker. Smiling is good. Come on, just try it.

So I smile back.


Here’s what I learned at Yoga Camp: Smile more. Turn the corners of your mouth up and walk around like that. See what happens.

Betsy Ceva