Testimonial: Birchwood’s 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Birchwood’s 200-Hour Yoga Level I Teacher Training “revitalized my body and reinvigorated my heart” by Amy Oscar

I'd never thought about becoming a yoga teacher before but suddenly, as the 2015 Teacher Training approached, I felt excited, curious. When I saw teacher trainees around the studio, I watched them: I want what she's having, I felt. Also, it was time. My kids were grown. My job felt stale. Something inside of me was ready for a challenge - and a change.

Still, I wasn't sure. Would I be able to keep up? I was kind of out of shape and feeling my age. Also, I wasn't sure I wanted to teach. If not, was it worth doing? Also, I couldn't help thinking: it's too late. I'm too old.

What finally made me decide to enroll? I had a vision: I SAW myself handing Charlene the payment for the program and, after I did, I saw my whole body filling with light. I know that might sound strange. But it's the truth of what happened. I saw that If I didn't do it, I would stay as I was. I saw that if I did, my body would fill with light.

So I signed up. To my delight, there were others in the group my age and everyone was there to learn. I discovered that yoga will meet your wherever you are. And so would Birchwood's remarkable, caring teachers. When I felt unsure of myself, they offered generous, helpful guidance. The program flowed step by step toward mastery, challenging while strengthening and supporting, just as yoga does. Over the months of the program, my reluctance opened onto self-awareness, my questions bloomed into confidence. As I mastered the discipline and the subtle energies of each pose, I moved with an ease I hadn't felt in years. Added bonus - I lost 35 pounds!

The teacher training revitalized my body and reinvigorated my heart. It changed me. I'd come for a change and I graduated transformed.

Was I able to keep up? Completely. Was it worth it? Every penny. Am I a yoga teacher? I am - in every moment and every situation, I am supported by what I learned in the yoga teacher training.

Amy Oscar is a writer, energy healer, and intuitive pattern reader. She has taught meditation and yoga study circle at Birchwood and is currently enrolled in the 300-hour teacher training (which she loves!)