Thank you to everyone at Birchwood! I wish you all the best for the New Year!! Here is a poem I wrote inspired by your nurturing classes - I dedicate it to you all! Namaste!!!


Who am I?
I am this moment,
I am this smile,
I am the thought that is,
I am the dream that was,
I am here and there, everywhere,
I am love,
I am kindness,
I am a believer in all that is beyond me,
I am a daughter, sister, and friend
I am a realist, and live by my awareness,
I am the light that pushes through the cloud,
I am the root and the branch of every tree,
I am the reflection of your smile,
I am a work in continued progress,
I am...because I was, and I will be
Enjoying the journey!!!


Peace - Sherra