Gentle Yoga Teacher Training – BETA

Birchwood Center Gently Yoga Teacher Training

Birchwood Center 40-Hour Gentle Yoga Immersion

July 13–14 & July 27–28, 2018

Advanced Training for Yoga Teachers or Deepening Your Practice for Inspired Students

rys200-icon-NEW2Betsy Ceva’s approach to Gentle Yoga promotes physical and mental health through the healing power of yoga, incorporating a strong but gentle physical practice, deep attention to breath, and a weaving of meditation and inner awareness into every moment and movement. Ceva’s Gentle Yoga classes highlight the importance of slow focused movement synchronized with breath to build strength, stamina, flexibility, increased range of motion, improved balance and circulation, techniques for quieting the mind and relaxing the body, and are designed for people with special needs, seniors, beginners, prenatal, recovery, and anyone who wants a quiet, meditative practice.

Program Overview
  • Philosophy of Gentle Yoga
  • Basic Gentle Yoga Techniques
  • Chair Yoga
  • Restorative Poses for Gentle Yoga
  • Incorporating Special Needs
  • Structural & Medical Issues
  • Posture Modifications and Props
  • Modifying for Pregnancy in a general population class
  • Hands-on Assisting
  • Pranayama for Gentle Yoga
  • Betsy Ceva
    E-RYT 500
    Betsy Ceva specializes in Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Hatha Yoga for beginning through advanced level students. Her experience as...
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Our 40-hour Gentle Yoga Immersion is an opportunity for experienced yoga instructors to expand their teaching abilities to meet the needs of a diverse population, increase understanding of the subtleties of asana modification and to learn how to design a class for people with special needs, seniors, beginners, prenatal, and recovery. The training is also open to inspired students who wish to deepen their practice of Gentle Yoga, to health care practitioners, physical therapists, healers, trainers, and anyone who works with the elderly or people with physical limitations.

Mandatory Session Dates

Please check the dates below to make sure you will be able to attend all mandatory training sessions prior to applying. All sessions will take place at Birchwood Center, 85 S. Broadway Nyack.

Birchwood Center Gently Yoga Teacher Training Dates

July 2018
  • Saturday, July 14
  • Sunday, July 15
  • Saturday, July 28
  • Sunday, July 29

“ I had a woman come in who was 7 months pregnant and thanks to your gentle yoga training I knew what to do. I didn’t panic but remembered your lessons of postures that are best for pregnancy. Thanks."

~ Nancy Schwartz

Tuition & Application

40-Hour Gentle Yoga Immersion

($850 if paid in full by June 20, 2018)

Payment in full is due by July 14, 2018. There will be no refunds once the program begins. If you withdraw from the program prior to July 14, you will receive a full refund minus a $75 processing fee. $100 deposit is required to reserve your space.

Please note: This is not a certification course. Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course, not a teaching certification.
  • Includes 4 mandatory meetings on Saturdays and Sundays
  • 6 gentle yoga classes at Birchwood Center

Please print and fill out our application and email it to or drop it at the front desk.

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