Gentle Yoga 40-Hour Immersion Begins October 12!

Advanced Training for Yoga Teachers or Deepening Your Practice for Inspired Students 

Betsy Ceva's approach to Gentle Yoga promotes physical and mental health through the healing power ofyoga, incorporating a strong but gentle physical practice, deep attention to breath, and a weaving of meditation and inner awareness into every moment and movement. Ceva's Gentle Yoga Immersion is designed for experienced yoga instructors to expand their teaching abilities and to inspired students who wish to deepen their practice of Gentle Yoga. Health care practitioners, physical therapists, trainers, and anyone who works with the elderly or people with physical limitations are also invited. To learn more or apply, visit

Program Overview

  • Philosophy of Gentle Yoga
  • Basic Gentle Yoga Techniques
  • Chair Yoga
  • Restorative Poses for Gentle Yoga
  • Incorporating Special Needs
  • Structural & Medical Issues
  • Posture Modifications and Props
  • Modifying For Pregnancy 
  • Hands-On Assisting
  • Pranayama for Gentle Yoga

Program Dates

  • Saturday, October 12 - 12:00-6:00 pm
  • Sunday, October 13 - 12:00-5:00 pm
  • Saturday, October 26 - 12:00-6:00 pm
  • Sunday, October 27 - 12:00-5:00 pm


  • $975
  • $850 if paid in full by October 1, 2019