What do you like about our services?

I love the presence and down-to-earth, friendly, personal teaching style of Birchwood Director Betsy, not to mention her skillful teaching. My first class was organized, welcoming, and accessible. It is a nice introduction to Birchwood.

Completely relaxing, restful and "restorative" yoga class taught by a master, Betsy!

Variety of teachers, times, methods, friendly staff, beautiful surroundings, constant updates and improvements and an open line of communication. We are always well informed. I thank you for providing such an oasis.

It always feels like home when I am able to take a yoga class.......The past five months have been very difficult for me and it doesn't look like the next year is going to be much better!!! I have not been able to attend my usual yoga classes as frequently as I used to.......But then on Wednesday, I was able to attend Betsy's gentle yoga class........And I hate to repeat myself..... I WAS HOME.