What do you like about our services?

As a newbie to yoga, I can only say positive things about Birchwood. You are welcomed with open arms and gently shown the way. Look forward to each Gentle Yoga class I participate in. The teachers are awesome. Unsure? Do it.....give it a try. You’re going to love it,

Simply wonderful yoga instructors - so professional and knowledgeable. My body and soul always feel 1000% better after I am finished! - Susan Wilmink

I recommend Birchwood every day! For balance, peace of mind, relief from sorrow and loss as one concentrates on movement and breathing, posture, flexibility as one ages, inspired teachers like Betsy Ceva whose wisdom just keeps growing, new teachers like Anthony Purdy who keep the movement flowing and serenade during rests.

Birchwood has become central to my overall health and well-being. I value it for the teachers, the environment, the community, and the continual learning of new ways to expand my own personal practice.... For me it is a place of wisdom, renewal, and even I dare say, love. Michele Hamilton