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Yoga Study Circle

Be inspired! Join the Yoga Study Circle! These special classes include lecture, reading, and discussion. No previous experience or special knowledge is needed. Friday June 2, 7-8:30 with Rosemarie Monaco Living the Lessons of Yoga We are all familiar with the exhilaration, clarity, and self-awareness that comes from practicing yoga. Can those same lessons we learn through...
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Community Yoga Classes ~ Only $7!

Are you longing for a yoga class but can't afford it? Birchwood Center offers $7 Yoga three times each week as a service to the community:

Mondays, 5:45-7 Vinyasa Flow with Michelle Bulla

Thursdays, 5:30-6:30 Yoga Hour with Birchwood Center Teachers

Fridays, 5:45-7 Hatha Yoga with Lynne Aubrey

Community Yoga classes are level...
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